Introducing The Frying Dutchmen

Introducing The Frying Dutchmen, New York City’s first Fry truck. Our truck which is due to hit the streets of NYC on May 6th will have both regular Belgian fries and also sweet potato fries. In addition to our tasty gourmet fries we will also be serving  a large selection of  unique and delicious dipping sauces to complement the fries.



  1. Posted on July 7, 2011 at 5:42 PM by Dick Glover

    The fries themselves are remarkably fresh and flavorful, but the sauces are astoundingly delicious – especially #3 & #16. Not cheap, but you definitly taste the quality and creativity (which I’m very happy to pay for). Nice guys too – exceptionally friendly service. I wish the truck parked on Water Street every day! Send the truck to Hoboken too! (Peferably by the ferry dock at the north end of town…great spot for lots of business.)