Visitors to Europe often find inspiration in unexpected places, from the art lover who falls in love with Roman eats, to the canal enthusiast in Amsterdam who ends up only canoeing joints. For the results of a different kind of fried trip: The Frying Dutchmen.
Setting sail on the streets of NY in an orange & yellow truck sporting a fry cone stuffed with iconic buildings from the city’s skyline, the Dutchmen’s the result of one man’s trip to the Netherlands that exposed him to their ubiquitous, thick-cut, dip-aided taters, though no public indecency charges were filed due to their open views on freaky sex over there. Start by picking your fry base — Belgian-style, sweet potato, or half-’n-half — then designate whether you’re the kind of man who wants them fried, or the kind of not-just-a-woman-masquerading-as-a-man who wants them double-fried. Of the nearly 20 (more to come!) dippers at launch, standards like roasted Thai peanut sauce and adobo’d Mexican Ketchup are beefed up by more insane-o options, including a caramelized pineapple & green peppercorn aioli called the Big Kahuna, chicken sausage & mushroom gravy, Guacahummus, pink prickly pear mustard, and the garlic/red chili/soy sauce/agave mayo Yoshi Sauce, though after eating this stuff no one will ride your lizard. Wait, you can do what with your tongue? That’s still not hot!
And because you’re awesome, if you catch the truck any day this week and’re one of the first 25 people to mention Thrillist, they’ll hook you up w/ gratis fries and two free sauces, the kind of breakfast that shows you’re clearly inspired by Europe to hasten your Final Countdown.

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